Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get clear skin with chamomile

If your skin is less than clear right now-here is a suprising cure-Herbalist Douglas Schar,quoted in the doctor's book of Home Remedies(Rodale £20)suggests that you invest in a supply of chamomile tea.In studies German camomile(available in healthshops0has been shown to reduce inflammation and speed wound healing."Drinking chamomile tea will stimulate your immune system,"he says,'and applying cooled tea to your face will improve the health of your skin and pores.Two cups of chamomile per day and a morning and evening wash with the tea will make a big differance in most cases.


MissRedLips said...

yay-good to hear b/c i always drink chamomile tea in the evening-it's my favorite! i've also used chamomile tea as a warm compress if my eyes are itchy or a little swollen

potionprincess said...

Great idea to use it as a compress for your eyes because you see chamomile so much in eye care products and it is so much better to go for the natural solution.Lately I've been making green tea,letting it cool down and using it as a toner.

ModernMom said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog! I love all the tips you have here!!

potionprincess said...

Thanks a million-fantastic blog by the way.

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