Monday, August 3, 2009

How to buy perfume.


As one who has made many the mistake buying perfume(because it suited someone else,before the top notes wore off etc)I was delighted to find these tips on buying the perfume that's just right for you fromLorna McKay advisor and former perfumery buyer at harrods and QVC.

1.Dont feel you have to buy.You should never feel under pressure to make an instant decision.The people behind the counter are there to help.If you are unsure,tell them what you normally wear(or what the person you are buying for wears)and this should give theman idea of the type of fragrance to go for.

2.Do remember that you are unique-perfumes smell differently on you-from skin typ,to diet,when you're pregnant and even as you get older.Everyone has an 'odour'finger- print.which is why the fragrance that smells so good on your friend doesn't smell the same on you.

3.Do have two bottles of different scents on the go at the same time.It's not a marketing ploy to make you buy more.You need more than one-wearing the same perfume for four or five days in a row means ypu stop smelling it.So you now have the perfect excuse for buying another.

4.Dont be impulsive.How many of us have ended up with bottles of fragrance at home which we don't like?.When you first spray it(always on your wrist)you will smell only the top notes.That smell evaporates quickly,then the middle notes will come through and the base notes are the ones that should last between six and eight hours,so it pays tolet the scent develop throughout the day.

5.Do close your eyes when you smell a new perfume for the first time.It win't make you smell it any better,but it will focus your mind on what you are smelling.Then write down how you find it and what the smell reminds you of.

6.Do buy the body products in the same range if they're available.The emoillients in the body lotions and creams mean that the scent will last much longer,which is perfect for summer evenings out.

6.Don't buy the biggest bottle you can find.Go for a 30ml size and if you like it go for the 50ml next time You need to know if it suits you and also wheather other people like the way it smells on you.

7.Don't rub fragrance into your skin.Let it evaporate naturally.Just spray it on to your pulse points(not too close,8-10in away is best)or anywhere else you fancy.Another great tip is to spray the hem of your skirt to make the scent last longer.

8.Do remember that perfume evokes memories-good and bad.Researchers have suggested that perfumes serve as 'index keys'to help us quickly retrieve certain memories than our other senses.So never wear the same fragrance as your partner's ex.


MissRedLips said...

i just found your blog through chronically vintage and am so happy i did! not a day goes by that i don't have perfume on. scent has a huge effect on me, and I never feel complete when getting ready until i give myself a couple spritzes. my signature scent is narcisco rodriquez for her (black bottle). mmm!

potionprincess said...

Thank you so much.Narcisco rodriquez is fabulous a very classy choice,did you ever smell estee lauder youth dew-mabye you would like it.

ModernMom said...

Oh these are such great tips!!

potionprincess said...

Thank you.

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