Sunday, June 7, 2009


Here are some beach beauty tips.
Put some leave-in conditioner into your hair when heading to the beach or pool.Then twist your hair into a loose bun on top of your head,secure it with a big hair clip,and let it dry naturally.When you take it down later all day it will be a loose frizz-free wavy style a la Gizelle.
Primer is really important in the summer as it absorb's your skin's oil or dilute your usual foundation with primer so your makeup isn't heavy looking in the summer.
When it comes to eye shadow,opt for cream over powder in the heat.If you set powder on moisture,the powder will crease.For a natural summer look use a darker foundation for the eyes instead of a cream shadow.Find a foundation a few shades darker than your skin tone and brush on the contour of your eye then blend it out for a natural shadow that won't crease as the day goes on.


Unknown said...

Loving all these tips!
I have a blog award for you btw! :)

potionprincess said...

Yeh!Wow!Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Your tips are absolutely fabulous!!!!!!! Very helpful, especially the first tip on putting leave-in conditioner in your hair. My hair stays healthy even when I spend the day in the sun. I'd like to offer my own tip....if you are going to lay out in the sun, always wear a SPF. It may take longer to achieve that awesome natural summer glow , but you will be saving your skin in the long run. A trick I've started is using a tanning accelerator called Booty Butter by Bikini Kitchen in conjunction with my sunscreen. My skin stays protected and moisturized all at the same time. Hope it helps! Happy summer and keep the awesome posts coming.

potionprincess said...

Thanks a million for your comment and brilliant tips,Ill be posting more from now on as my internet has been down for ages,back now thank god it was driving me crazy.

Glamorous Beauty said...

Loving all the great tips. The summer heat can be brutal to your makeup.

potionprincess said...

Thanks a million,have had a few melting experiences myself in the past.

Miss Yaya said...

love the tips! i stick to lip balm and mascara in the summer - i hate wiping sweat off and having missing pieces on my face lol

potionprincess said...

No prob-Glam on.

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