Saturday, August 8, 2009

shelf life of your beauty products.

Ever wondered when to toss that mascara.
Here's a few general rules.
Mascara and liquid eyeliner-You should replace mascara and liquid eyeliner every three or four months.As they are used so close to the eyes they can easily cause infections if bacteria gets into them.You should never use other people's mascara and don't pump the wand in and out so many times as it will introduce air and dry it out.Never add water or other liquid to keep them from drying out.This can cause the preservative to become more diluted and offer less protection.
Eye and lip pencils-These can be kept for up to three years.Sharpen them before each use as a way to keep them clean.Keep out of sunlight and heat.
Lipstick and lipgloss-These can last two to three years-but if it smells any way strange,throw it out.Lipsticks will last longer if you keep them in the fridge,especially in hot weather.Never use lipstick if you have a cold sore,otherwise it may spread it.
Foundation-Depending on the type,you may be able to keep it for about two years.An oil-based foundation will last longer than a water based one.However,if you wear make-up every day you will go through a bottle in a couple of months.Throw foundation away if it starts to look or smell different or if the ingredients start to seperate.Try to wash sponges once a week.Allow to dry natueally before placing back into the container,or this could encourage mould to grow.
Concealear-can last up to three years.Sharpen concealers before each use as a way to preserve them and keep them clean.If the concealer comes with a wand or brush applicator always wipe it aftr using,especially if you're trying to cover a spot that may harbour bacteria.These concealers are more easily contaminated than stick ones,because they 'feed' bacteria back into the container.Use stick or pump concealer on spots.
Powder-Although powder will actually last longer,two years is the longest you should really keep it.After that,it will dry outand compact powders may not go on as smoothly.
Eyeshadows-Powder eyeshadows can keep for two years while creams should be retired after 12-18 months.The reason that powders last longer is ecause,like cream blushes,they use emulsions that break down over time.


MissRedLips said...

thanks for posting this-it's so important to know the shelf life of products b/c i bet if we all reached down to the bottom of our makeup bags we'd find a few items that are long overdue to be tossed. i do a cleaning every couple of months to keep my cosmetic bag under control-especially when it comes to mascaras

hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

potionprincess said...

I know I've been guilty myself of hanging onto certain things longer than I should-the limited edition chanel compacts.Your so right-mascara the most dangerous of them all.Thank you ,you too.

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