Monday, March 23, 2009

The ultimate eye cream.


I have tried many different eye creams ,but im really impatient and want to see results as quickly as possible,ive tried lots people speak about but have never hit on the right one until now.Ive been using Lavere ultimate eye -care anti-ageing-energy eye-cream for over a year now(A record long term relationship with an eye cream for me)and I do believe never shall we be parted.The results have been really visable really quickly,the texture is amazing you really only need a dab,it smells lovely,sinks in really fast and does not sting or irriate my eyes.Normally you have to buy an eye cream for lines,shadows or puffiness but this is made to do all three, so whatever your issue it should sort it out.Also all Lavere products are organic and not tested on animals.Ive even been using it on my lips over the last few weeks under any lip balm and its doing its magic on my lips too.Anyway I got it in my local health shop ,you can also get it from Its not cheap under 50 euros but its works out cheaper in the long run as you really only need a tiny bit at a time ,I have the tube for a year and it's still going strong.


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