Friday, April 17, 2009

Janina dental products review.


Ive tried a lot of dental whitening products in my time some work but at the longtime expence of your teeth.That was until I first started using janina .The packaging assurded me that it was safe and as Ive had scary brushes(pardon the pun) with whitening products before that was enough to make me give it a go.Well I started to see real results within two weeks,without the usual side effects of stinging or a horrible peroxide after taste in fact it actually has a mild and minty taste.As stated it uses natural fruit enzymes to whiten without harming the enamel.I have used three of there products regularly ,the janina diamond gold whitening toothpaste£10.99(18.00),janina opale silver whitening toothpaste£9.99(15 euro) and last by no means least janina silver spray and swish toothpaste£7.95(11.50 euro),this stuff is the coolest thing,you just spray and go anytime during the day, its a handbag essential,anyway the range gets a huge thumbs up from me ,you can get it from or also from .Also worth looking in your local pharmacy,as I chanced upon it in mine.


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