Monday, May 18, 2009

Belmacz beauty range.


The acclaimed jewellery designer julia Muggenberg, who's innovative jewellery is worn by such stars as keira knightly, has recently turned her expertise to makeup creating a shimmering collection of pearl and gold infused cosmetics that give a whole new meaning to gilding the lily.Here follows a look at the beautiful and highly covetable items.
Belmacz oyster pearl powder.
Oyster pearl powder is a beautiful,fine translucent powder made with real crushed pearls in a handy easily portable container.It can be used on bare skin or over foundation for a matte ,flawless finish with a hint of rose scent.It comes in pinctada(pale),Haliotis(medium) and unio(tan).
Belmacz blitz gold leaf eyeshadow.
Blitz gold leaf eyeshadow is a creamy gold eyeshadow that doubles as a cheek and brow highlighter,each pot contains 2 leaves of pure 24ct gold leaf.This cream glides on to give a smooth sheer finish.
Belmatz gold leaf lipgloss.
Belmatz gold leaf lipgloss has a honey like texture with a hint of rose flavour.It contains flecks of 24ct gold leaf ,which add subtle,warm glints to the colour.The lipgloss comes in 5 easy to wear colours scarlet,ruby,moonstone,magenta and carnelian.All colours have a sheer tint except moonstone which is clear.
Belmacz Halo.
Belmactz Halo is a multi tasking cream that contains finely crushed(real pearl) particles and antioxidants like anti-inflammatory rosehip oil ,moisturising cocoa butter and is adorned with24ct gold flakes ,it makes a great lip balm and also doubles as a cheek and brow highlighter.
All in all a stunning and exciting collection though those with a shell fish allergy should be aware regarding the products containing ground pearl.
Super duper offer on now.
If you purchase any of these items from the belmacz line from cult beauty at the moment you get a belmacz lipgloss absolutely free.


makeupper said...

Wow! Those look gorgeous!

potionprincess said...

Iknow I have to get them,when I heard they were in production I was already obsessed,now I see them they look even better thanI imagined.

potionprincess said...

I know ever since I heard they were in production Ive been really curious about them ,they look even better than I imagined,Ireally want them all now.

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