Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The golden rules for protecting your skin.


Slather on sunscreen...

365 days a year,uvb rays(they burn you)peak in june,but uva rays(they age you)stay constant all yearround.

.Rain or shine 40% of uv rays penetrate skin on cloudy days.

.30 minutes before you go outside,to allow ingredients to activate.

The 411 on spf.

Many doctors now say spf30 is the new 15."most people dont use the correct amount...a teaspoonfull for the face and an ounce for the body so you dont get the level of protection listed on the label."Increasing the spf helps compensate for a light handed approach.Another reason to go higher: although no sunscreen shields you from100% of uv light,using at least spf30 offers 96.5% protection verses spf15 93.5% protection and more protection is always a bright idea when it comes to your skin.
The newest sunscreens last longer than ever Newtrogena spf100,coppertone sport continous spray sunscreen spf50 contains silicone which repels perspiration and provides a no-slip grip for sports.Banana boat sunwear daily sunblock lotion spf50 absorbes oil.All available from http://www.drugstore.com/ which delivers worldwide and most available from your local pharmacy.


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