Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nanomax 3d shine treatment.


Want glossy hair ad hair that lasts up to 3 months,takes 20 minute's and requires very little effort on your part well thank god for nanomax.This new treatment uses patented nanotechnology to smooth your hair and prevent frizz with its anti-humidity ingredients.Its suitable for all hair types and takes 20 minutes.Unlike ordinary cream or liquid treatments nanomax treatments have been turned into a mist by a specially designed electronic microsystem and then applied to the hair with special ceramic brushes .This incrediably fine and powerful penetrating mist infuses tiny nanomolecules(particles so small you could fot millions onto a pin head)into the hair structure,to heal,repair,strengthen,protect and shine.They offer 4 treatments ,intensive (suitable for bleach damaged hair),hydrate(for naturally dry ,frizzy,dehydrated hair),colour lock(seals and protects all coloured hair) and 3d shine(great shine for all hair types).Nanomax permanent hair repair is a specialist course of 3 treatments using either repair,intensive or hydrate and lasts from 3-6 months,depending how well the client looks after there hair after the treatment course.Nanomax colour lock and 3d shine are speacialist once off services.Nanomax is available in 500 salons accross the uk call 0871520 4444 or visit .Nanomax is also available in Australia, New Zealand,Cypres,Ireland and Malta.


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