Sunday, June 7, 2009

Working with your eye shape

Once your know our eye shape,there are a few simple tricks you can employ to correct your eye shape. WIDE SET

Apply a light to mediumshade from lash to brow,placeing darker shadow near the eye corner's ,blending accross your lid and lightly towardsyour temples.Line your inner upper and lower inner corners and smudge toward he outr corners,so that a majority of the dark colour focuses on the eye area closest to your noe.Apply mascara to your inner,upper and lower corner lashes only.


If your eyes are shaped like an almond with one side more rounded and the other tapering to a point.Cover entire lid ,from your lashes to your brow,with light shadow,sweep a medium colour on the middle lid,and apply mascara and a second coat of different mascara for a fuller frame of lashes.

You need to create an optical illusion to bring your eyes more to the surface.Apply a light shade liberaly from lash to brow,working in a darker shade on the areajust above the cornea of the eye.This will create a field of depth.Line both he top and bottom of the eye and smudge with your fingr or sponge to soften.Coat your upper and lower lashes with mascara.

To evn up the space,apply makeup colour throughout the entire width of your eye lids .Beguin by applying the lightest shade at the inner corner of the eye from the middle of the lid to the outer corner on both top and bottom to intensify the effect and blend with your finger or sponge.Apply mascara to outer,upper and lower lashes only.

The key to making up a round eye is to draw the eye into a more almond-type shape.Apply light colour all over the top lid and on the bottom lid,extend the liner out from the eye slightly in an upward motion.Apply mascara heavily on the top lashes and lightly on the bottom.


happy1234 said...

Brill!! where do you get the pics from?

potionprincess said...

My brother made them his a bit of a whiz on the computer.

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