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body brushing-this will stimulate your circulation and helps you shed dry skin cells.It's usefull for dispercing cellulite deposites and decongesting the lymphatic system.Ideally,take a bristle body brush once a day and,beguinning at your feet,work up your body in lng,light strokes,always brushing towards the heart.


Exfoliate once a week with a good body scrub like origins incredable spreadable scrub,the body shop also have some good ones,if you run out just mix some brown sugar with some shower gel to a paste and scrub away.Moisturise while skin is slightly damp to lock in moisture


Pomegranate juice is full of antioxidants to boost collagen-which keeps your skin nice and springy-helps plump up cellulite-afflicated areas and also has the added bonus of being good for your heart.


You don't have to be a teen to be prone to blackheads or acne on your back.A spotty back is normally caused by a build-up of oil and dead skin cells,so it is important to give your back a good old scrub.Use a long- handled body brush loaded with an antibacterial cleanser and scrub away.Also you can use Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions body spray£12.72 for 100ml-the spray makes it easier to reach the whle back.


Spray your chest with cold water each time you shower-this boostd circulation and firms your chest,also mamma mio and rodial have specific creams that are usually highly recommended.


To look good in holiday snaps,avoid ful sunshine as it will show your flaws.Wait until sunset,turn sideways,drop your chin and shoulders back and down tummy in.

Elle Macpherson says the trick to beach body confidence is Confidence,a smile and a cowboy hat.


Essential oil

Rosemary oil can really help.Researchers say that the herb boosts circulation,which will make your arms look smoother and firmer.Add four drops of the essential ol to an ounce of olive oil and rub it well into you skin after body brushing and exfoliating.

Easy exercise

Tricep dips take about 5 mins to do and you can easily work at them while your at home watching t.v.Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair,wrapping your hands around the front of the seat and with your bum on the edge of it.Keep your heels on the floor.Then lift and lower your body8-10 times,keeping the movement slow and controlled.

Swimsuit shopping

Your choice of top or swinsuit can make your arms look better or worse.Thinner straos are slimming(though ultra-thin spaghetti straps can have the opposite effect)and a well -cut vest top(like the ones from top shop and gap)will work well.Toned arms can look great in halter-neck and bandeau styles,but step away from them if your sholders are on the broad side.


Walk in Fit Flops£44,and help tone your calves,thighs and bum.It's like having a mini-gym in your shoes!You should see results in a few weeks.They help improve posture so they should also make you look firmer and taller-See

If you've dieted and exercised but inner thigh and knee fat won't budge you can try LIPOSonix,a new machine that's said to "melt" fat with high intensity ultrasound waves.Results are instant and you can lose up to two centimetres in one session.There's no down time,no needles and its supposed to be only slightly uncomfortable.But it costs up to £1800.Call 020 7486 7767 for details(england)

Flat tummy

1.Eat less wheat.The gluten in wheat soaks up water and expands in the gut,giving us a bloated feeling.Another easy way to shrink your tummy is to eat slower so you feel full faster and therfore eat less.Cut down on the booze-your stomach will deflate very quickly when you do and your waist will look narrower too.

2.Use a fake tan to shade in your stomach and give the illusion that it's smaller.To get this effect put on tour fake tan as usual but add a bit more around your waist the following day.Blend it to give the illusion of a shadow hitting the edcges of your stomach-like a fake tan belt.

3.Firm up your abs with a bicycle crunch.Lie with your knees bent and your fingertips behind your head.Pull your tummy in and lift your feet off the floor.Exhale,extending your left leg and bringing your right knee towards your left elbow.Inhale.Repeat on the opposite side.Do 20 to 30 reps daily.

4.Lose a few inches-even if it's only temporarily-and firm up with a mud wrap-like The Sanctuary Trim&Tone Body Wrap £24.46 at boots

Now your ready to hit the beach just remember sunscreen.


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